Nearing the end of the second week of Ramadan, toy and hobby store Toys Kingdom has introduced Salam Sisters, a collection of Muslim dolls to inspire children, especially girls, to have the courage to pursue their dreams.

Salam Sisters, comprising five different characters, will be available at 43 Toys Kingdom outlets across Indonesia.

The five characters are Nura, a science and nature lover; Yasmina, who is into photography social activities; Layla, who loves fashion and gardening; the creative and artsy Maryam; and history buff Karima, who is also energetic and sporty.

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All five characters, designed by global company Zileej, which is based in Dubai, Australia and Canada, are dressed in modest wear and hijabs.

Bart Nureka, merchandising and operational director of Toys Kingdom said in a statement that children could choose a Salam Sisters doll that represented themselves.

“[…] the dolls are to inspire confidence and encourage children to live their passion, as well as help them to know the concept of wearing hijab in a fun way. They also represent different facial features and skin color from various ethnic backgrounds, so that children can embrace differences and refrain from bullying,” said Nureka.

Salam Sisters are priced at Rp 799,900 (US$55.58) each, and there is also a mobile application to play with that is available to download for iOS and Android users. The app presents 3D animation and selfie features with various frames. (mut)