The concert of British pop rock band The Vamps, scheduled for Tuesday at The Kasablanka Hall, Kota Kasablanka, South Jakarta, has been postponed to Thursday, following the closure of Hong Kong International Airport on Monday.

reported that the four-member band was scheduled to arrive in Indonesia on Monday night after performing in Seoul. However the flight that transited in Hong Kong and was cancelled due to a massive prodemocracy rally, which led to the shutdown of Hong Kong International Airport.

Promoter CK Star Entertainment Indonesia public relations manager Choky Halomoan said that all flights from and to Hong Kong airport were canceled due to the large number of protesters.

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Hong Kong airport has resumed operations and The Vamps is scheduled to depart to Indonesia on Tuesday afternoon.

Following the incident, the promoter decided to postpone the concert to Thursday night to give the band some time to rest.

Choky said that, based on The Vamps’ Instagram Stories, the band seemed tired after performing in Seoul. 

Choky mentioned it would not be a good idea to force them to perform tonight as they’re not in the mood and it might influence their performance.

The re-scheduled concert, which is part of the group’s Four Corners Tour, will be held at the same venue at The Kasablanka Hall. (jes/kes)