The South Jakarta Environment Agency has collected used cooking oil from households and turned it into alms.

The agency teamed up with Kutub Social House Foundation to pick up used cooking oil in jerrycans across the municipality, where people could donate their used cooking oil rather than throwing it out.

South Jakarta Environment Agency head Enrile Indro Prasetyo said the collected used cooking oil would be sold to companies that needed it for producing fuel.

“The profit from the sale of the oil would be used for social programs for the poor, orphans and others,” Enrile said on Tuesday, reported, adding that residents should participate by collecting their used cooking oil in their homes.

“I expect we can distribute [the jerrycans] to all city administration buildings, to each neighborhood unit [RT] and community unit [RW], so residents can donate their used cooking oil from their homes,” Enrile said.

He said residents usually just threw their used cooking oil out. However, the oil could be used in the biodiesel industry to produce fuel.

“All this time a lot of people did not know there were factories that used cooking oil to make fuel. Instead of just throwing it out, it would be better if we collected the used cooking oil from homes, and then sold it to biodiesel factories, and the profit can be used for social programs,” Enrile said. (ami)