The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost everyone and everything in the world over the past three and half months. Among those affected are millions of intellectually challenged athletes, who are in the middle of routine training.

In response to this situation, the Washington-based Special Olympics International has ordered all its branch organizations to stop outdoor activities throughout 2020, with coaching clinics held instead. 

The local branch, Special Olympics of Indonesia (SOIna), responded to the recommendation by arranging online training dubbed the Coaching Clinics Special Olympics Learning Portal on Thursday, which lured 200 participants.

The coaching clinics were held in line with recommendations, in accordance with health and safety protocols.

Special Olympics Asia Pacific Amrain Siregar said similar events were being held globally so that all stakeholders would get all the necessary updates and maintain their condition during the pandemic. 

Besides the coaching clinics, a series of webinars have also been prepared.