Seventeen documentary films have been submitted to the third Papua Film Festival (FFP) that had closed its competition on July 20.

Ten films are to be selected out of the 17 submissions and the committee is to announce them during the main event on Aug. 9. 

The judges involved in the selection committee include Wensilaus Fatubun, Arul Prakash, Lisabonat and Melanie Kirihio.

Agus Kalalu, the festival’s committee head and Papuan Voices coordinator for Sorong Raya, said the competition is important as a creative outlet for the Papuan people, especially for the youths, to tell the stories of their land.

“The creativity in the form of documentary films will serve as a recorded history in the future,” Agus said in a statement on Sunday as quoted by .

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The submitted films showed that the filmmakers have concerns about various matters in Papua, from women’s issues and the environment to culture.

Meanwhile, FFP III deputy committee head Max Binur said he is hopeful that the next festival would be able to attract more young filmmakers, “so that they can add to the repertoire of documentary films produced in Papua”, he added.

FFP III is being organized by Papuan Voices, a film community formed in 2011. The community started by conducting a documentary production workshop in cooperation with EngageMedia and Papuan church congregations. The workshop alumni later created Papuan Voices as their platform and annually organizes the FFP. (gis/kes)