At least three events are set to welcome visitors who are coming to Surakarta in Central Java during the Idul Fitri holidays in a bid to increase the number of tourist arrivals to 1.5 million.

Among the three events are Bakdan Ing Neng Balekambang, Bakdan Neng Solo at Vastenburg Fort and Pekan Syawalan Jurug Solo Zoo at Taman Satwa Taru Jurug.

“During the Lebaran holidays, visitors tend to visit attractions that hold an event. Hence we have prepared some of them,” said the city’s Tourism Agency head Hasta Gunawan on Friday.

The free to watch Sendratari Ramayana dance drama at Vastenburg Fort is said to be part of the annual Bakdan Neng Solo event. Involving around 200 professional artists, the show is scheduled for June 7 to 9 starting at 7:30 p.m.

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“The dance drama will feature the story of Sinta Obong, which follows Dewi Sinta who burns herself due to her innocence being doubted by Rama,” said Hasta.

On regular days, Sendratari Ramayana is usually staged at the open air theater of Taman Balekambang. However, for Ramadhan the show will be held at the fort instead to ensure easier access for visitors.

Sanggar Tari Soerya Soemirat, Kembang Lawu, Semarak Candrakirana and Sarwi Retno Budoyo are among the art studios and groups in Surakarta that will be involved in the show. Additionally, several communities will also support the staging of the dance drama, including Studio Moncar, Kelompok Wayang Orang Sri Wedari and Dedek Gamelan Orkestra.

“Digital effects with amazing lighting are among the highlights of the show,” added Hasta.

Being staged for the fifth year, the Sendratari Ramayana show is expected to draw at least 10,000 people over three days.

“We have made efforts to make Vastenburg Fort a more convenient place for tourists. We will also add Instagrammable spots for those who love taking selfies,” said Hasta.

Those coming with family members should also consider visiting Balekambang Park that is also set to host several events, such as a culinary bazaar and traditional dance performances. (kes)