A dog named Lucky was found critically injured and later died after allegedly being burned alive in Menteng, Central Jakarta.


Sarana Metta Indonesia Foundation representative Christian Joshua Pale, who immediately attempted to save the mixed dalmatian before it died due to severe injuries, said a neighbor of the dog’s owner allegedly hit the dog with a glass bottle full of gasoline and then set it on fire last Friday evening.


“Last Friday afternoon, Lucky was just sitting in his cage when suddenly a neighbor urinated directly next to him. Lucky instinctively responded by scratching him,” Christian said on Monday as quoted by kompas.com.


He went on to say that the neighbor became furious at the dog and demanded that the owner move it elsewhere. The neighbor threatened to burn the dog if it was not moved, Christian said. 


However, Lucky was never moved as its owner, Melly, was at a mosque for tarawih prayers that evening, he said.


“When the owner arrived home, she was shocked to find Lucky sustaining injuries in the form of critical burns,” Christian said. They suspected that the neighbor acted on his threats by hitting the dog with a bottle before setting fire to it.


Melly and a team from Sarana Metta Indonesia Foundation reported the case to the Menteng Police and the Jakarta Police. The police secured the scene of the alleged crime and confiscated evidence, according to Christian. (rfa)