Actor Tom Holland seems to have fallen for Bali. Despite his first visit to the resort island being for work, the Spider-Man actor was hoping that someday he could come back just for a holiday. He is also hoping for a chance to make a movie in Bali.

“[…] Absolutely, I think it could be a dream come true to make a movie here,” Holland said in front of journalists from the Asia Pacific region in Bali on Tuesday.

The media conference was part of a Sony Pictures Entertainment press tour to promote its upcoming movie productions, including Spider-Man: Far From Home, in which Holland plays Spider-Man.

Holland, who came with his two brothers, shared a story of himself going to a pub where he met and chatted with a man. He was told off when he said he came to Bali for work.

As much as he realizes he is in the island for work, Holland still got the chance to play golf and surf, including at a beach recommended by fellow actor Chris Hemsworth, who is also in Bali to promote Men in Black: International.

Holland, however, was not very pleased with the surf beach recommendation, as it was more suitable to a more experienced surfer such as Hemsworth himself.

“So he [Chris] can paddle like this […] We don’t. Hopefully we can find somewhere [a] little bit easier to surf. […] if you have any suggestions on surfing and scuba diving, […],” he said.

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He went on to say that when signing the contract for Spider-man: Far From Home, he never imagined that Sony Pictures would take him to Bali to talk in front of the media.

“I think Sony is the first studio to do a press tour here, because Indonesia is now one of the largest markets […] in the world and it’s amazing. It’s a wonderful thing. […] Sony, please, don’t let this be the last time to come here,” he said. (mut)