After having applied a 50 percent discount for the last six weeks, PT MRT Jakarta started to charge full price for passengers starting Monday.

MRT Jakarta corporate secretary Muhamad Kamaluddin said the price ranged from Rp 3,000 (20 US cents) to Rp 14,000, depending on the distance traveled.

“[Information about] the policy on normal fares has been disseminated to people through MRT Jakarta’s social media account, website and mobile app, activities and events in the stations’ corridors,” he said on Monday as quoted by .

The company implemented the 50 percent discount after previously providing free trips for a month for passengers after its official launch on Feb. 24. The free and discounted price was part of the company’s strategy to promote the modern subway service and to lure people to take public transportation instead of private vehicles.

Despite the full price, some MRT stations were still packed with passengers on Monday morning.

One passenger, Christina, said she did not mind paying more because for her the price was worth the convenience and facility that the MRT offered. She has been a frequent passenger of the MRT from Lebak Bulus Grab Station in South Jakarta to Bundaran HI Station in Central Jakarta.

“I don’t think I suffer any loss because it’s obvious that the MRT is more efficient than using Transjakarta bus or private car. I know how congested the roads are from Lebak Bulus to the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle,” she said.

Before using the MRT service, she used to spend up to Rp 60,000 for a taxi ride from Lebak Bulus to the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle. (vla)