A brawl broke out between two groups of youths in Berlan, Matraman, East Jakarta, early Sunday morning.

No casualties were reported in the incident.

Matraman subdistrict head Bambang Eko Prabowo said the brawl was caused by an Instagram video posted by a group of youths in Matraman that wanted to take revenge against a youth group from Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, who reportedly instigated a brawl in Matraman last week.

“[Youth in Matraman] wanted revenge. [They] provoked [them] through Instagram,” he said on Sunday as quoted by kompas.com.

Bambang said the group wandered around the area at 3 a.m. to prepare for the attack on the group from North Jakarta.

“About 30 people were arrested on Jl. Matraman Raya and three Berlan residents were shielded from the mob,” he said.

To prevent a second attack, Bambang said he and local security officers patrolled the area. Parents have been asked to keep their children at home in the early hours.

“I urge the police to freeze Instagram accounts that cause trouble with their provocations,” Bambang said.(das)