Heavy rainfall hit Mount Kerinci in Jambi on Sunday night, damaging rooftops at Jihadil Awal Mosque and disrupting religious activities during Ramadan.

A local resident, Muhdi, said the heavy rains occurred after local Muslims performed tarawih (evening prayers), so no casualties were reported.

“Parts of the metal roofs were being torn apart piece by piece […] so we immediately saved the prayer rugs and Quran from the rain,” Muhdi said, expressing hope that authorities would soon fix the damaged rooftops.

The mosque, located in Ensatu village of Kajoe Aro district in Kerinci regency, was built by the local administration and locals in 2018.

Throughout Ramadan, devout followers more frequently head to mosques, as they believe that rewards for their good deeds are multiplied during this time. Activities such as iftar (breaking of the fast meal) gatherings and tadarus (Quran recitals) are commonly held in and around mosques.

The head of the local disaster mitigation agency, Darifus, said a report was filed on the damages.

“Authorities will help with the repairs so that locals can pray inside the mosque again,” Darifus said. (vny)