The company that produces locally made car brand Esemka has remained tight-lipped about a plan to launch its first mass product, which has been revealed to be a pickup truck.

Some components and body parts of the pickup truck were on display during a components exhibition at the Industry Ministry in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, Eddy Wirajaya, the president director of PT Solo Manufaktur Kreasi, which produces Esemka, refused to disclose any details regarding the company’s first vehicle.

“We will inform [the public] of everything once we have launched the pickup. If we say anything now, there will be no surprises,” Eddy told reporters on the sidelines of the exhibition.

The concept of Esemka cars was first created in 2012 by a vocational school (SMK) in Surakarta.

Then-Surakarta mayor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, who is now in his second term of presidency, had even promoted Esemka as his official car at the time.

When asked about the proposed launch date for the pickup truck, Eddy did not budge, only telling reporters that they should pray for a smooth product launch for Esemka in the future.

He emphasized that all investments in the company would come from domestic investors and that his side would maximize the amount of local content used in producing the trucks.