Jakarta’s amusement park Fantasy Land (Dufan) in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol will launch a new 3-hectare area named Dunia Kartun (Cartoon Land) in June.

In a press release, deputy CEO of PT Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Teuku Sahir Syahali said the area would be the first cartoon-themed amusement park in Indonesia.

The area will have seven new rides for children and adults, including the Baling-Baling, a 30-meter high Top Spin ride; Turbo Drop, on which visitors can enjoy the sensation of being dropped from an 8-meter tower; Karavel, a flying ride for children with 360-degree movement; Zig-zag, a bumper-cars ride for families; and New Ontang-Anting, a chair swing ride.

There will be a food court and merchandise shops in the area. 

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Dunia Kartun will feature nine new cartoon characters inspired by nine animals endemic to Indonesia, in addition to Dufan’s mascots, Dufan and Dufi, that were inspired by the proboscis monkey. 

There will be Kabul (Katak Kembul or Fat Frog), Bije (Bison Jenaka or Funny Bison), Garin (Garuda Indonesia), Tanit (Tapir Genit or Flirty Tapir), Kombi (Komodo Gembira or Happy Komodo), Cili (Kancil Cilik or Little Mouse-Deer) and Birus (Babirusa or Pig-Deer).

At the end of the year, Dufan plans to launch more new rides in Dunia Kartun: 19th century horror-themed indoor roller coaster the Haunted Coaster and New Fantastique, which will feature storytelling and dance. (gis/wng)