Odds of arriving to your destination on time improve greatly if you fly Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines in North America, All Nippon Airways in Japan and Qatar Airways in the Middle East, according to the latest edition of an airline punctuality report. 

In OAG’s latest “On-Time Performance Star Ratings” report, airlines with a minimum of 1,500 operations a month, for which flight status information is available for no less than 80 percent of scheduled flights within a 12-month period, were given a rating of one to five stars. Airlines posting the best on-time performance (OTP), representing the top 10 percent of carriers, are given five stars. 

In the category of mainline airlines for North America, the top performers with four-star scores include Delta, Alaska and Spirit Airlines. Hawaiian Airlines boasts five stars but operates a fraction of flights. For comparison, Hawaiian operates 8,320 flights compared to Delta’s 160,420. 

With an on-time performance of 77 percent, Canadian low-cost carrier WestJet trounced its competition Air Transat, which was given a single star for its 64 percent OTP, and Air Canada, which posted a 67 percent OTP and given two stars. 

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The top-performing mainline airline for Western Europe is KLM-Royal Duth Airlines with four stars; the best airline in the Middle East Qatar Airways; the best airline for Asia ANA in Japan; and the best performers in South America are four-starred carriers from Chile LATAM Airlines Group and Sky Airline. 

Though Garuda Indonesia is the overall global chart-topper with a 92 percent on-time performance, the mainline carrier operates far fewer flights than other mainline carriers at 16,410 flights. 

OAG is a global travel data provider.