Applying the art of mixology is a fun way to elevate the pleasure of drinking and some simple concoctions may not require experience in bartending.

While we might be familiar with rum and coke as a simple, lovable cocktail, Coca-Cola has introduced “Signature Mixers”, a posh version of the original coke for a more elaborate mixing experience.

reports that Signature Mixers would be ready for a launch in the United Kingdom in June and be available in four flavors, namely Smoky, Spicy, Herbal and Woody.

The four new beverages were created in collaboration with mixologists, marking Coca-Cola’s first time inviting outsiders to help its creative process.

Using ingredients ranging from rosemary, jasmine and ambrette seed to lemongrass, the Signature Mixers are meant to be mixed with dark spirits such as whisky, rum and bourbon.

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Ana Amura, senior brand manager at Coca-Cola, told The Independent that the beverage has always been synergized with dark spirits and classic cocktails, from the iconic Cuba Libre (rum and coke) to Whiskey Cola.

“Working with an inspirational group of global mixologists to create amazing flavor combinations, we hope Coca-Cola Signature Mixers open up the world of mixology to an even wider audience,” Amura was quoted as saying.

The new range is to be offered in a fancy Hutchinson glass bottle, which was first used by Coca-Cola in 1894. Signatures of master mixologists Antonio Naranjo, Max Venning, A Chia & P Guy and Alex Lawrence are also to be included on the label. (sop/mut)