Google Indonesia is celebrating National Batik Day by posting a Google Doodle that illustrates batik motifs, namely kawung and parang, on Wednesday. 

A click on the image brings users to a Google search result for “Batik Day”, listing the latest news on batik.  

National Batik Day falls every Oct. 2, after UNESCO recognized the fabric as an intangible cultural heritage in 2009. 

On Google Doodle’s , the search engine shares a brief explanation of the history of batik in Indonesia, mentioning that the country has been known for batik since the fourth or fifth century.

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There is also a description on the batik-making process, which involves wax and pigment to create complex and colorful patterns.

Interestingly, Google Doodle shares the doodle-making process, which shows that unlike other Google Doodles, today’s illustration was created manually by artist Lydia Nichols, who learned first-hand the process of batik-making. 

The illustration was made from white fabric dyed with natural pigments, indigo and osage orange. 

The page also shows the step-by-step of the process, starting from the wax application on muslin fabric, dyeing technique to drafts of Doodle. (jes/wng)