State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Minister Rini Soemarno has said that the value of 143 SOEs had reached Rp 8 quadrillion (US$558 billion).

She said those companies booked more than Rp 200 trillion in net profits and Rp 3.2 quadrillion in revenues in 2018.

“The net profits had reached 200 trillion. Although several parties still questioned the figure, they have passed an audit. The figure is real,” Rini said in Jakarta on Sunday as reported by

She said that in 2018, the SOEs had invested Rp 480 trillion to support government policies to push economic growth.

Meanwhile, they contributed Rp 240 trillion to the state budget in the form of dividends, taxes and non-tax revenues.

Rini said the task of the SOEs was not only to earn profits, but also to protect the people’s interests and improve the people’s welfare.

“The SOEs were established to encourage economic activities and to improve people’s welfare. The SOEs have to be proud as they have made real contributions,” she added. (bbn)