Locally made car brand Esemka has made its way to Squadron 3 of the Iswahjudi Air Force Base in Magetan, East Java.

Four Esemka pickup trucks ordered by Air Force chief of staff Marshal Yuyu Sutisna have arrived at the airbase and will be used to support the facility’s various activities.

“These Esemka cars have eased operational activities at the airbase,” Iswahjudi Air Force Base commander First Marshall Widyargo Ikoputra said on Tuesday.

Widyargo also said the pickup trucks had been painted yellow with black stripes to signify them as the airbase’s operational vehicles.

Meanwhile, Squadron 3 commander Lt. Col. Agus Dwi Aryanto said the vehicles would be used to support the base’s line teams at the end of runway checks, its arming and disarming process and emergency response teams, as well as to pick up drogue parachutes.

“These new cars have been very useful, especially during operations in the movement area like the runway, taxiway and apron,” Agus said. “The pickup trucks also allow us to transport more equipment,” (dpk)